“Well, they do have undeniable chemistry.”

- Jeff Davis on Sterek, July 2013.

The goal of The Sterek Campaign is to ensure that Jeff Davis is aware of just how much the fans would support he would have for an “established will-they-won’t-they, scripted” relationship between Stiles and Derek.

We will be launching a Call to Love once per month, with new ways for you to participate and show Jeff that we will support him.

We’d like to note that you don’t have to ship Sterek to participate in these Calls to Love; if you care about someone that ships the pairing, if you think that this sort of pairing needs to happen in the public eye, if you’d keep watching the show anyway if Sterek became real, you’re welcome to help us to be heard by joining our Call to Love.

If you just want to show Jeff your love and support, to say that you like Teen Wolf in general, you are still welcome here. We will do our best to provide an alternate, non-Sterek-based method of support for Jeff every month in which you can participate.

Note:We want to create a cordial fandom/creators relationship. We want to reinforce the non-demanding nature of the Sterek Campaign project. This is, above anything else, an expression of our love and support. Yes, this organization is about Sterek, but it is NOT about demanding Sterek so please do not ask, beg, or demand.

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